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The Truth about Link Building and Why You Need to be Careful

Link building is a natural part of your Search Engine Optimization tasks if you have a website for your business. Since it is viewed as a common SEO technique, many people make some mistakes in building links to their website. These errors can be any of the following:

Linking to sites that are known for duplicate content, auto-blogging, spam, and other illegal activities

Purchasing links from other sites in exchange for backlinks

Backlinking only to high PageRank sites, which make your site look like it lacks authenticity

Not using targeted keywords in the anchor text of your links

When Google updated to Penguin, several changes have been made, including the methods of boosting organic search ranking. The update included a spam filter, which is a crucial part of its algorithm. Link building can help increase your rankings. However, if done incorrectly, it can cause problems such as Google penalizing your site. You can even get suspended.

It is time to change how you engage in a link building campaign. Spammy links will no longer get you anywhere unlike before. You want to make sure you only cultivate links from reputable sites. Although it does involve challenging work, you will eventually reap the benefits. One thing that you can gain from the effort you exerted is your site climbing up the rankings on the Google search results page.

Finally, link building to market your site goes hand in hand with the quality of content on your pages. Provide your visitors with lists, infographics, and case studies so that they will share your content in their social media accounts and other places online.